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Friday, March 05, 2021

Eurojackpot draw number 12 of 3/20/2020

Numbers 9 14 28 30 37
    Euronumbers 3 10

Draw prize amount
27.588.722,00 €

Match Winners Price
5+14586.260,30 €
5+01363.666,20 €
4+2664.180,10 €
4+11088228,20 €
4+0203295,00 €

Match Winners Price
3+2250766,00 €
3+14716517,50 €
2+23417725,00 €
3+08737413,50 €
1+217796012,00 €
2+16542988,00 €


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The game

Eurojackpot is the first international game in which Italy participates, you can win a millionaire jackpot that grows rapidly due to millions play of Europeans. The jackpot for the next drawing is 88,000,000 million euros. There is a weekly draw every Friday evening at 21.00. Find out now how to play, you could be the lucky winner of the challenge of international Eurojackpot!

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Top 5 frequently

Number 194935187
Frequency 5151505048

Top 5 late

Number 1118463326
Late 3329292725

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